“I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it,
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it”

Hm okaaay, kingphilippepictures never loses control, but other than that…


I hate when people are all like “we know what you want to know, but we’re not telling you how we know what you want to know”.

Edit: Already figured it out. Muahahaha.


i only have two speed settings for blogging: “makes you wonder if theyre even still active” or “your entire dash is nothing but me”

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King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were in Germany today for a meeting of German speaking heads of state.


One lil thing about next week though… this time I won’t have my Super Mr. Paparazzi bro with me to take the pics, so it’s me and me alone who is in charge. lol. I have no idea how that will turn out. Maybe everything will look shaky and blurry. Or maybe I’ll forget to take pics altogether. lmao

No, I’ll try my best. I promise. :P

Oh yasss, guess what?

I have Wednesday next week off from work.

I’ll be off to Antwerp Wednesday next week.

I’ll… oh dear. This is great. ♥

Thanks for sending good vibes! ;)

King Philippe visits Actiris, the Brussels regional job office.


Ooh, I need your prayers and good thoughts and vibes and stuff.


Because bby (aka Philippe) is visiting Antwerp Wednesday next week, and I’m trying to take the day off from work so I can take a little look billion pics. :P
I’ll hear from my boss tomorrow morning, but until then… can we all please hope? Together? Cross our fingers? lol

Thanks in advance.